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Why Writing?

In an update to my kickstarter campaign, I wrote the following...

In my kickstarter video, I tell you how writing is a passion because at certain points in my life it saved me. It's true. Growing up in a abusive household meant my voice was quieted on a regular basis. So, when someone handed me a journal and said, "You should write in this every day," I accepted their advice and scratched away at the pages.

From state-to-state moves, I brought my journal along for the ride and between its pages I found my voice. My journal was a steady friend in the chaos and constant uncertainty. Writing helped me learn how to observe, reflect and digest the world around me and what I believed and felt about the world I viewed. Had I not journaled religiously throughout my adolescence, you'd have one less writer to contribute to our never-ending need for stories.

So, when I write, my books almost always include characters' personal tragedies they have to overcome. Because, that's life. Everyone has tragedies and everyone has a choice to let their tragedy rule them, or to allow their tragedy to grow them.

As I began writing fiction in my teens, I found a way to share my hopes and compassion for others through the layering of fictitious worlds with the gritty reality life offers us. That is why you'll probably never see an autobiography from me. Although, I'm told regularly how it would make a good read.

When you read The Broken Veil, and any other works I publish, you're reading my heart. My hope is to encourage, inspire and offer different philosophies to consider. And entertain you! Because that's what all good stories do.

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