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Available Summer 2016

Bitsy Varret has a secret and her name is Liz. But, Bitsy’s alternate personality, Liz has a secret too, and it’s leading them both into a world drenched in shadows and blood. 


Musician. Administrative Assistant. Closet psychic. Bitsy wants nothing more than to live a sane life, and to start her career in music. She practices her violin. She ignores the visions and angels. She works at her thankless job in an emergency department in Portland, OR. But, seeing new victims on a daily basis prods at the carefully stowed memories of the acts that split her in two.


Liz has dreams too: dreams of wielding an unearthly power to cut down the perpetrators of rape and molestation. Using the alien magic to perform ritualistic vigilante acts may even help the victims forget the crime. She's not alone in her goal and what Bitsy doesn't know won't hurt her. Until it threatens not only Bitsy's dreams and their tentative sanity, but their very life.


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