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The Dragon's Name,

Reign of Shadow, Book One


Riana Starliss doesn't belong.


At least that's what she'd always thought as the orphan in Landsend. When her adopted grandmother makes her the apprentice to one day take over Starliss Vineyard and Winery, Riana feels she finally has a place to call her own - even if the rest of the winery workers curse her for having the position.

But Riana really isn't like everyone else. Everyone else in Landsend knows to steer clear of elementals. Everyone else in Landsend is afraid of Tyrmini - wielders of elemental magic. Everyone else knows neither beast nor human who possess this magic should be allowed to live. Riana isn't so sure.

When Riana takes steps against the status quo to protect an elemental, her tentative grasp on a steady place in the community slips. And when her grandmother's own secret agenda begins to make itself known, Riana is caught between two worlds: one she wants to belong to, and another that could get her killed.

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