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The Dragon's Eye,

Reign of Shadow, Book Two


Riana Starliss navigates the loss of her grandmother after moving in with her last living relation, her abusive stepfather, Roy Fraely. The Fraely has a devious plan to dethrone Riana as the heir to Starliss Vineyard and Winery: out her as a Tyrmini – a wielder of elemental magic – whether she is or not. 

If Riana can make it to her sixteenth birthday, she’ll secure her place in the community. As Riana fights to keep a tentative hold on her inheritance, a new threat emerges. Her friend is captured as a Tyrmini and imprisoned. Riana creates a risky plan to break her friend free. But running a winery, withstanding the tortured tactics of Fraely and uncovering truths about her own origin story becomes too much. Something must give.

Riana must choose: her inheritance, her place in the community, and safety in the anonymity of her unique magical talents, or her friend’s life.  When she makes her choice, she is plunged into a world of danger where she moves ever closer to uncovering what is wrong with Aelos, and the reality of the existence of Tyrmini. As the authentic world unfolds before her, her fight for her friends and her own life hangs upon her acceptance of her own truth. Who is Riana Starliss and more importantly, what is she?

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