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This Crazy Writing Thing

I started writing a book when I was in high school. I was always writing before that. But, books. Books are different. It requires this large-scale perspective I hadn't quite developed by 17. After starting and stopping the project, I took a friend's advice and bulldogged that story until it was completely finished.

Then I revised it. And revised it. And revised it... You get the idea.

It took forever, but a decade later I had a book. I'd written a book. I was hooked. I tried half-heartedly to get traditionally published with my virginal epic fantasy, but I really felt driven to write the next book.

So, I did some research to mesh with the concept in my head and then I went to work. The Broken Veil took me much less time to bang out the first draft. MUCH less time. And, admittedly, some of that has to do with life and learning and the kids getting bigger and requiring less focused, moment-to-moment attention.

Moms with toddlers: you know what I mean.

Fast forward a year. I'd revised the heck out of my book and I had pitched it to god and everyone in the publishing world. I got some nibbles and nice remarks but nothing promising. And then, something happened.

I heard the horror stories of authors.

I heard how long it takes for traditional publishing to come to fruition.

I heard about the lack of control an author has over various aspects of their project.

I heard about all the publishers closing shop. I had friends who got scammed by crooks masquerading as professionals.

I heard about the royalties of traditional publishing.

I heard about the freedom of self publishing. Things weren't like they were before. The industry has changed. There are resources available to produce a book with a quality that is up to par with traditional publishing. So, I read some books and blogs and posts. I connected with indie authors. I watched v-logs, attended classes and webinars. My husband and I had some serious conversations and we agreed.

There was no shame in choosing self-publishing. In fact, it suited me better than traditional publishing.

So, that's where I am. I'm working toward publishing The Broken Veil, the second novel I've written. I have a third project which is in a rough mass of words and a lumpy line of a story. I hope you'll let me share my worlds with you. For me, that may be the most importatnt thing about this crazy writing thing I do.

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