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I've started a kickstarter campaign. Why? It turns out self publishing takes a bit of an investment. Because I want so very much to share this story with you, I'm offering the opportunity for you to be a part of my success. I learned long ago that writing a book takes more than just the author. I've been blessed with amazing friends and family and a network of lovely writerly people who have all contributed to my evolving story-telling skills. Their candid feedback and encouragement, and even down-right scathing critism, has pushed me to a higher level of writing.

In the same spirit, putting this project out to the world is a means of gathering my tribe around me to push me to greater success. If you back this project, I want you to thoroughly enjoy the book. And then talk about it, share it with your friends and family. Stories are meant to be told. Stories are meant to be shared.

Visit my kickstarter campaign, watch the video, read about the book and if you're moved, back my project with a level that's comfortable for you. I even have a level in which you or your pet could make a minor appearance in the next novel I write. Fun, right?

I also will have posters and book-themed hoodies, great for the upcoming chilly season.

Thank you for all your help and support!

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