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The Broken Veil - Sweatshirt

If you head over to my kickstarter campaign for The Broken Veil, you'll see there are levels of backing that give you a book-themed hoodie. Here's a pic.

So, what the heck is up with the trees? Well, in The Broken Veil, the veil is strained by the escape of an ancient entitiy from the place where the Uktena dragon lives, which is guarded by gate trees.

These two particular gate trees are a pair of giant poplars that guard the heart of the forest in the Smoky Mountains, and the home of the Lady of the Forest, Adohi.

Here's a little excerpt about Lady Adohi...

"The Spirit of the Forest; the Lady; Adohi; Ancestor. There were many names for her. She smelled of cedar and rain-drenched air and rivers and all things wild and growing free among the trees.

She looked at Aubry with a light of fascination. Her elongated, tan face hosted a set of wide green eyes with veins of purple and blue, rimmed with dark reddish brown. She had no hair, but a crown of trees like vines that crossed over each other, rising from her skull and covered in moss.

She ran a delicate hand over the length of her bare stomach. What looked like tattoos ran down the length of her arms of vines, flowers, birds, nymphs, fish, rivers...

She stretched luxuriously, the fullness of her breasts thinning with outstretched arms. Leaves etched into her skin rose from their two dimensions and were birthed into life, falling to the forest floor. Her body creaked as she unfolded from her stretch.

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