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Bitsy is a paranormal fantasy set in Portland, OR. I plan to release it in the summer of 2016. Draft 3 is currently in the hands of the editor and beta readers. Here's a little taste of what the story is about, which is subject to flex with the editing process. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. A little tidbit: I was an administrative assistant in healthcare for over a decade, which came in handy writing this book.

Bitsy has a secret and her name is Liz. But, Bitsy’s alter ego, Liz has a secret too, and it’s leading them both into a world drenched in shadows and blood.

Bitsy and Liz have a thankless job as an administrative assistant in an emergency department in Portland, OR. Tucked in the bowels of the hospital, they share their office with the forensic nurse examiner for sexual assault. When Liz finds a third entity occupying her body with Bitsy, she thinks she’s discovered another personality. But this new voice calling herself El, says she’s not from around here – around here, as in Earth. And El certainly seems to have a few inhuman tricks up her sleeve.

Liz finds El is an ally to combat the horror she sees marching in and out of the forensic examiner’s office on a daily basis. Maybe even a way out of the torture caused by a traumatic youth. El promises with every murder of a sexual assailant, the victim will be freed from the memories of the assault. And in return all she asks is to help hunt down the soul who murdered her daughter, who has also been sucked into our earthly realm from their native world.

While Bitsy fights for a way out of her assistant job with her skill with a violin, her present reveals its bloody reality. People are dying by Liz's hands. The promise of release is seductive – to be a whole person instead of living with dissociative identity disorder. To forget the abuse she’s lived through and not be a stuttering, awkward mess of panic attacks and depression. Could that be worth the life of another person - a person who is a monster abuser of children? Bitsy isn’t convinced it’s the right way, but Liz and El’s hunger for the hunt is growing, and Bitsy might be left with no choice at all.

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